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Women Owned Networking National
Business Organization & Social Club for Women Executives. We Do This Together.
Women Owned Networking National (WONN) is a business organization and social club "with heart" established for and by accomplished women executives. WONN is a membership organization founded by members of an NFL family for women CEOs, presidents, and corporate executives of businesses ranging from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies. Its is also the sister club to WONNMillion, a business organization geared toward business owners with a minimum of $1MM dollars in annual revenues.  The members of WONN and WONNMillion combined take part in peer advisory groups in order to bring the 'genius out of the groups' and accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Recent Statistics: Our members have an average of

$10.1 million in annual revenues

52 employees

15 years in business

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In total, the current aggregate represents:

$3.2 billion in annual revenues

32,000 employees

426 years in business

We are smart, successful, business savvy women with HEARTS to ensure the success of our sisters & friends.  We plant seeds into the businesses and lives of our fellow WONN sisters and form truly meaningful friendships.  WONN is the premier membership organization for women presidents & CEOs (and managing directors) of privately held and public companies.. Through confidential and collaborative peer-learning groups, the WONN accelerates business growth, enhances competitiveness, and promotes economic security. It is the ultimate destination for successful women entrepreneurs.

In chapters composed of approximately 100 accomplished women entrepreneurs, women presidents, from diverse industries and backgrounds, address business concerns in a roundtable format and function as an informal board of directors for their businesses. 
The San Francisco Bay Area chapters consists of 300+ local women business owners and executives located from Marin County, San Francisco, the Peninsula, and the South Bay.  

Come mingle, network, and enjoy lunch with other successful women executives, and please come prepared to introduce 
yourself and your products and/or services.

WONN is looking for the most successful women in the San Francisco & Peninsula areas to invest our time, efforts, and numerous resources into.  We Do This Together.

Women Owned Networking Exclusive Event
WON 100 San Francisco & Peninsula Chapters Members & Guests are invited to the "Look of Success" Luncheon and an Exclusive
with our guest speaker Marie Green!
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Private Business Organization & Social Club for Accomplished Women Executives
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