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Business Organization & Social Club for Women Executives. We Do This Together.
Seed Planting
The Mission of WONN is to plant seeds into the professional and personal lives of our fellow Sisters & Friends.  We believe that while one woman can launch and grow her own business, 99 WONN Sisters & Friends can make it a true success!
Every businesswoman spends an ample amount of time growing her own business outside of WONN.  But within each WONN chapter of 100 Sisters & Friends, a WONN member spends her time planting seeds into her Sisters' businesses and she allows 99 other women to grow her business for in return.  
Socially, we provide emotional and physical support to our sisters through a network of camaraderie and friendship.  WONN believes that a woman's worth goes far beyond her outer beauty and exists to make a difference in the lives of women in the areas that matter most.  We encourage accountability, acknowledgement, support and collaboration with women ready to create change and empower women to realize their personal & professional greatness. We provide an avenue of growth through our social gatherings and mixers, workshops, local peer to peer support groups, and brainstorming strategy sessions for overcoming obstacles that we face as business women.  Connect, celebrate, empower, support, share, deepen, create, heal, love, sing, dance...we come together as women in community.  We are sisters and friends.  
Professionally, WONN members promote business development by forming a supportive and powerful network of experienced peers (Sisters & Friends) who address an array of business concerns and function as an informal board of directors for our businesses.  Additionally, we plant seeds by providing solid referrals, investing our time, efforts, and resources into the  business success of others by providing operational, financial, and legal guidance to our fellow Sisters & Friends.  

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